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Cold. [Mar. 3rd, 2006|10:05 pm]
I'm about to freeze to death. Buuuurrrrrrgggz.

Is there any better water than ICEland Springs. Ahhh. Icelanders live longer than any other nationality. Maybe the water?

School was bleh.
Normal stuff.

We were playing a biology review game in 1st block. You get extra points if your team wins on your final. Coo. But, the question was asked, "What is an example of codominance or incomplete dominance or something I dunno?" Neither of the people knew the answer so Mr. E was like, "tag". I fucking freaked out and dove under a table and ran to the board. I was all like, "snatch" with the marker and wrote ab. Because blood...you know. But, soon after I sat down, I noticed my leg burning. I had ripped some skin on my knee and bruised both knees by being an idiot and diving like McBain under the table.

My dog gets to run around the house now. He was in the room all the time, bu KernKern is gone so, he's free. He hearts it like woah.

So, who has added my journal? And if you haven't you suck!
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(no subject) [Mar. 2nd, 2006|08:49 pm]
Stuff lately has been fine. I've been doing a lot of thinking about stuff. Mostly about Nick.
He is thinking about making a huge decision in our lives. One that is beneficial but a very hard struggle as well. I wouldn't really get to see him for about two years. I mean occassionally. But, then I'd move either on or close to base with him. I have to look into colleges and my interests I plan to pursue so that I can have a general direction for our lives. But, after doing some research, I actually like the thought of being Ms. Military GF. Reporting for BOOTY! I mean, duty. Lolz.

School today sucked so hard. We didn't get to play hacky. Like, at all. I was about to die. Ugh. And we had tests and other pieces of lurmp things to do that made me want to kill each teacher I had. Even Pin Pin was being a biatch.

-_- A kid wrote cj's biatch on my arm while i was sleeping. He was only joking but, nerd...I wanted to make him lick his balls for it.

I had detention which was fun. I know...

I played Mario a lot today on DOS games. The bell rang when I got to level 7. :(

So, all in all. I live perhaps the most boring life I know exists. Oh, did I mention I came home, read, studied, and read more? Cuz. I love learning. God, I am a nerd. And not the cool kind.
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Sigh. [Mar. 1st, 2006|09:02 pm]
I wonder when he'll be home or even be on for that fact. :( I really wated to talk to Nick but he hasn't been on since I got home. I do't wat this to be another night when I do't get to speak to him directly. It's getting sad for me. It's bad enough that I can't call him whenever I want to. This is all I've got left really. And I really wanted to get to talk with him before I went to sleep, but staying up is killing me. My body is too worn out lately. Look's like another e-mail...

School was so boring today. I can't remember the last time it wasn't however. But, something about today just killed me. Nothing was...fun anymore. Have I lost my passion for learning? Probably. I just couldn't wait until I got this day over with, much like yesterday. I've been looking into more and more careers. And I can be a Dialysis Practitional Part II with just a high school education. Not bad to start off, you know. But, the more I think about it, the more nanotechnology appeals. The only problem is that I'm not "smart" enough for that. I feel really too close minded. I could never invent something at the molecular level...

I've had a massive headache for the past couple days. And today, I just came home from school and flat out crashed. Until close to 8:15. I wish I weren't so tired all of the time.

So much for scholarships in cheerleading/gymnastics...I have to go to a Rheumatoid artheritis specialist March 23..
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Enter the Ninja. [Feb. 28th, 2006|08:54 pm]
So, here is the grand unveiling of my new lj. Much like the old one I suppose. But, better. I guess.

I stabbed myself in the eye with a freaking piece of hardened floss which hurt really bad. I think I scratched my retina.

My mom bought me a bra today. Its cute. I fixed the filter keys on my lappy by simply turning it off. -_-

I miss my Bo0<3. A lot. I don't know why. I just really miss him. He had to work at the gym today and I really wanted to see him. :(

I've been eating and exercising healthy. I haven't looked nor felt better. Honestly, I feel wonderful. I feel healthy and strong and clean and happy. I like it.
I still need to tone up my muscles in my tummy now don't I? Lolz.<3

Getting new glasses. Meh. Normally I'd be excited about new frames but I liked the frames I've had for the last two years. :/ But, I lost them and I don't think they make them anymore. I miss my old glasses.

I'm kind of tired and I want to watch a DVD until Nick gets home to talk to me.

I really like Walgreens and Wal-mart. I think I will apply at those places.

Aww, Bowser Wowser. My Reezle Beezle just stretchedededed his little legs and puffed air out. Got to go hug and smother my puppeh with love.

Well, here it is. The New fresh scent of LJ. *Sniff* Ahhh....
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